Born in Pavia (North of Italy) in 1972, she lives and works between London and Milan, collaborating with magazines, photographic studios, as a lecturer and on private commissions while conducting her own activity of photographic research with a personal style. In 1994 she graduated at the European Design Institute in Milan.

Cocullo worked as an advertising designer, editing various types of publications. She was educated in Italy and UK.

In London she attended specialization courses in photographic techniques and printing process. Her work has been published on different books and magazines ( Arte, G. Mondadori, Books Ed. Casa del Mantegna, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Marie Claire and more).

Since 2000 she exhibited her work in different private and public galleries. In 2001 ‘The Human Side of Toys’ solo touring exhibition around different Italian cities (Pavia, Cairoli College University of Pavia; Milan, Galleria Officina Fotografica; Bologna, St. Maria Della Salute Museum). She was invited at the Young European Artist Prize that took place at Castello Visconteo, Pavia.In 2001 ‘Hands’ group touring exhibition organized by D’Ars Agency, in Milan, Bologna and Trento and in 2003 she was awarded the RHS Photographic Prize 2003 in London.

In 2004 Signum Art Publishing releases a booklet titled “Seven short poems” where seven of her images are matched with poetry by Daniel Weissbort and again in November 2008 another booklet titled “Lo stato delle cose: svegliarsi a Londra, camminare a Milano, addormentarsi a Madrid” with seven poems by Sebastiano Benevelli and seven pictures by Cristina.

In 2005 she has a solo exhibition titled ‘Undicistanti’ at The Foundry, London. JPG Magazine has published her work in 2007 and in the same year Cristina was part of two group exhibitions ‘We are all Photographers Now!’ at the Musée de l’Elysée, Lousanne, Switzerland and ‘Breakthrough’ at the SFAC Gallery, San Francisco, US.

In December 2008 she has been published on the online art magazine Platform58. During March-April 2009 she was part of a joint exhibition with the photographer Emanuela Franchini titled “Heterological Boundaries” at the Mayfair Library, London. During May-July 2009 Cristina had a solo exhibition titled "The 11 Commandments" at the Southwark Cathedral, London. "Heterological Boundaries 2" with new works it has been on show at The Foundry, London, during October 2009.

During November/December 2009 she will be part of the group exhibition “Telling Tales” at the Mayfair Library in London.




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